Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting

Posted by Melissa Hall in #YHSafetyTips, Jul 24, 2019

Did you know that manual material handling injuries account for 35% of all workers compensation claims and that 20% of total workers compensation claims involve back injuries? The amount of money that companies pay on these claims adds up quickly and in addition to paying medical and other expenses for the injured party, the company also suffers from a loss of productivity.

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace while keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor worksite design leads to fatigued, frustrated, and hurting workers. This rarely leads to the most productive worker.

Vacuum lifting equipment is ergonomically designed to reduce injuries including back strain and other accidents and reducing and eliminating workers compensation claims. Studies show that employees who use a vacuum lifter on a regular basis are less fatigued and more productive. Vacuum lifting equipment also reduces the necessary manpower to complete a task, allowing one employee to complete a job that used to require two or more employees.

Vacuum lifters can complete repetitive lifting tasks ergonomically and efficiently while lifting materials from 40 to 1,000 pounds. Vacuum lifters provide suction to lift a variety of objects including bricks, wood, stones, glass, metal plates, and machine parts. They are able to lift products with nonporous surfaces and provide a safe and secure lift.

A vacuum is created by the presence of any pressure that is less than atmospheric ambient pressure. When applied properly, a vacuum creates a powerful holding force that can pick up anything from very small parts to a load that weighs hundreds of pounds.

Vacuum lifters move products to workers in a variety of ergonomic motions including rotation around a vertical axis and lifting from above.

Vacuum lifting devices are used in a variety of industries to reduce strain and ease the burden on employees.

Vacuum lifter lifting glass

Industries include:

  • Logistics
  • Woodworking
  • Glass
  • Metal and Sheet Metal
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Vacuum lifter lifting bricks

Any industry or job that requires high task repetition, forceful exertions, and repetitive or sustained awkward postures will benefit from the use of ergonomic vacuum equipment.

Interested in vacuum lifting equipment for your facility? Explore your options in the links below.

Vacuum Clamping Systems     Vacuum Gripping Systems
Vacuum Handling Systems

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