Material Handling Inspections

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Keeping up with material handling inspections is an important part of ensuring that your assets are compliant and will be working properly when you need them the most. Cranes, hoists, vacuum & magnet lifts, stackers, and lift tables should all be inspected on at least an annual basis.

OSHA standard 1910.179 requires at minimum an annual inspection, as well as an inspection whenever a new crane is installed, when a crane has been relocated & reinstalled, when modifications have been made to the crane, and when a crane has been idle for an extended period of time.


All cranes must be inspected every 12 months by a qualified inspector. If the unit needs any repairs, OSHA requires that the unit be placed out of service until brought back to standard.

During an annual inspection, your inspector will check the following:

  • Check the whole crane, including the boom and the jib
  • Check everything for cracks and corrosion
  • Check the bolts, fasteners, and rivets
  • Check the sheaves and drums
  • Check the gas and electric
  • Check the electrical components
  • Inspect hydraulic & pneumatic hoses, fittings, and tubingv
  • Check the brakes and clutch system parts, lining, pawls, and ratchets
  • Inspect any safety devices
  • Check the chains
  • Check the travel steering and locking devices
  • Confirm all warning labels are present and legible
  • Inspect the steps, ladders, guardrails


OSHA outlines the requirements for cranes not in regular use as defined by the following:

  1. A crane which has been idle for a period of 1 month or more, but less than 6 months, shall be given an inspection conforming with requirements of paragraph (j)(2) and paragraph (m)(2) of before placing in service.
  2. A crane which has been idle for a period of over 6 months shall be given a complete inspection conforming with requirements of paragraphs (j)(2) and (3) and paragraph (m)(2) before placing in service.
  3. Standby cranes shall be inspected at least semi-annually in accordance with requirements of paragraph (j)(2) and paragraph (m)(2).


In addition to maintaining your equipment with annual and periodic inspections, you should inspect all equipment daily before use. Items that need to be checked daily include:

  • Insuring the crane is in working order and has not been placed out of service
  • Check of your control devices
  • Check the brakes and confirm the stopping distances are correct
  • Confirm your hook has a working hook latch
  • Visually inspect wire ropes or load chains
  • Make sure you check your wire rope is properly reeved
  • Confirm that all limit switches are working properly
  • Check for any oil leaks
  • Listen for any unusual sounds when running the equipment
  • Confirm all warning labels are present


Scheduling inspections as part of a preventive maintenance plan can help diagnois problems with your material handling equipment and avoid unexpected shutdowns. By maintaining your equipment on a regular basis, you can plan ahead for any maintenance matters before your annual OSHA inspections.

YorkHoist's Guardian Assurance Packages (GAP) cover PM inspections as often as once per month, and ensure your assets are in compliance and working when you need them most.


All YorkHoist Inspectors have years of experience in the industry. In addition, they have all successfully completed third party manufacturer training, as well as annual YorkHoist inspection and safety training. All YorkHoist inspections meet or exceed OSHA, CCAA, and CMAA qualifications.

  • Over 2,000 field service hours
  • Successful completion of manufacturer specific training
  • Successful completion of company certification
  • Accident free safety record

YorkHoist's comprehensive Guardian Assurance Inspection and PM program combined with unmatched liability coverage ensures your company is always covered.

  • $6 Million in standard liability coverage
  • Up to $25 million in additional umbrella coverage
  • A+ ISN safety rating
  • Exceeding OSHA, ANSI, CCAA, & CMAA requirements

YorkHoist’s digital inspection reports are designed to be easy to understand. Our color-coded rating system makes it easy to identify and address deficiencies. In addition, real time access to your reports and repair quotes on ensure your company is always in compliance. Our service technicians perform a detailed inspection on your material handling equipmentnto make sure you’re covered from all angles.

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